Costanoa Lodge Glamping

Costanoa Lodge, Pescadero CA Costanoa Lodge, Pescadero CA

We did a previous post on what to pack for “Glamping” a few weeks ago.  We stayed at Costonoa Lodge in Pescadero, CA and here are a few images of our tent bungalows.  Steph and I both reserved  tent bungalows right next to each other which came with 2 beds.   We made our bungalows feel a little more homie and cozy with our own quilts and candles.  We had fire pits in front of our bungalows and for the first time learned how to start our own campfires, sounds like a little feat, but a big victory coming from some “city girls.” The first morning we got wonderful massages from the spa.  After we visited the small town of Pescadero and picked up a few groceries from the local market, Arcangeli, which had fresh baked bread and their own line of jams and sauces.  Next we headed to tour Harley Goat Farms (recent post) and sampled different types of goat cheese.  When we got back, we laid out a picnic in front of our bungalows and just had a chance to sit out and relax.  On the drive back, the next day we stopped at one of the many beaches along the way and let the girls splash around a bit and collect some cool rocks.  We all had a great experience glamping and will try to make it a yearly ritual.

Fluently lived,

Kriselle, Steph & the girls

Road Trip to Pescadero

Harley Farms Goat Dairy, Pescadero California Harley Farms Goat Dairy, Pescadero California Harley Farms Goat Dairy, Pescadero California

A treasure of a place truly dear to our hearts is Pescadero, California. About an hour away from San Francisco, a beach and farm town so unique and warm, it is worth the trip. It is a place to be enjoyed by every one, there is something to do for kids, families, couples, well, even if you’re going there solo, we’re sure you will go home refreshed and peaceful.

One place we love to go to is Harley Farms Goat Dairy. Our kids love watching the alpine goats, from the newly born to the tough looking billy goats. At the store you get to sample what the farm has to offer – goat cheeses of all forms (even those who dislike the taste of goat cheese will love it, they’re nothing like what you get from the supermarket), sweet fruit extracts, olive oils, honey, eggs, and they even have beauty products made from goat’s milk, flowers and essential oils.

Every month or so they host a farm dinner, where you get to sit down and enjoy a family style meal. A dinner that can’t be missed, not only is it special for you and your sweetheart, it is also the perfect venue to have conversations with people you have not met before. A chance to experience sharing a meal with a community of like-minded folks – food lovers who like to enjoy fresh, in-season, gourmet meals. Perhaps we will see you there this year? Although we need to call in advance since they get booked fast.

fluently lived,

Stephanie and Kriselle