Love is in the air…



Spring is here and love is in the air. Love has been a theme for fluentlife33 this year and since I am single, here are some of my musts when getting to know men. And I hope I inspire some of you other single folks out there.


fluently lived,



#1. Tuck that phone away.

When I am spending time with someone, whether it’s just for a quick snack or a fancy dinner, I like to give my undivided attention. I put my phone on mute & hide it in my purse. Getting myself distracted is a lost opportunity to get to know the other person.


#2. Plan loosely.

I like to know the day & time that we’re going out but I don’t need to know where we are going days in advance. Being spontaneous is fun and less nerve-wracking.


#3. Dress up but don’t look like you tried so hard.

When I know where & when we’re going out, I like to get ready ahead of time so my make-up settles & I feel comfortable in the clothes (and shoes) I’ve picked for the occassion. That way I have time to retouch and I am not in a rush.


#4. Be genuinely interested.

I love getting to know people. It’s like reading a book that hasn’t been written yet. So when I am on a date, I talk less and I listen.


#5. Order dessert.

This is not the time to declare that you’re on a diet.


#6. Just one drink.

If you are both drinking, order just one drink. It’s hard to keep your composure if you have a little too much to drink.


#7. Say goodnight (and really have a good night).

Express that you had a good time. Expect nothing and go about your life the next day.


33 things to do in 2013

We don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions but we believe in being mindful of what worked and did not in 2012, and taking the necessary steps in 2013 to enhance our lives. Here are the 33 things we plan to do this year. Hopefully we inspire some of you to write down your things to do this year. Every month we will be updating our list, and we’re hopeful that we will cross all of them off by the end of the year. Happy New Year everyone!

Fluently lived,

Steph & Kriselle

2013 Things to Do

33 things to do

33 things to do

33 things to do

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