Costanoa Lodge Glamping

Costanoa Lodge, Pescadero CA Costanoa Lodge, Pescadero CA

We did a previous post on what to pack for “Glamping” a few weeks ago.  We stayed at Costonoa Lodge in Pescadero, CA and here are a few images of our tent bungalows.  Steph and I both reserved  tent bungalows right next to each other which came with 2 beds.   We made our bungalows feel a little more homie and cozy with our own quilts and candles.  We had fire pits in front of our bungalows and for the first time learned how to start our own campfires, sounds like a little feat, but a big victory coming from some “city girls.” The first morning we got wonderful massages from the spa.  After we visited the small town of Pescadero and picked up a few groceries from the local market, Arcangeli, which had fresh baked bread and their own line of jams and sauces.  Next we headed to tour Harley Goat Farms (recent post) and sampled different types of goat cheese.  When we got back, we laid out a picnic in front of our bungalows and just had a chance to sit out and relax.  On the drive back, the next day we stopped at one of the many beaches along the way and let the girls splash around a bit and collect some cool rocks.  We all had a great experience glamping and will try to make it a yearly ritual.

Fluently lived,

Kriselle, Steph & the girls

Road Trip to Pescadero

Harley Farms Goat Dairy, Pescadero California Harley Farms Goat Dairy, Pescadero California Harley Farms Goat Dairy, Pescadero California

A treasure of a place truly dear to our hearts is Pescadero, California. About an hour away from San Francisco, a beach and farm town so unique and warm, it is worth the trip. It is a place to be enjoyed by every one, there is something to do for kids, families, couples, well, even if you’re going there solo, we’re sure you will go home refreshed and peaceful.

One place we love to go to is Harley Farms Goat Dairy. Our kids love watching the alpine goats, from the newly born to the tough looking billy goats. At the store you get to sample what the farm has to offer – goat cheeses of all forms (even those who dislike the taste of goat cheese will love it, they’re nothing like what you get from the supermarket), sweet fruit extracts, olive oils, honey, eggs, and they even have beauty products made from goat’s milk, flowers and essential oils.

Every month or so they host a farm dinner, where you get to sit down and enjoy a family style meal. A dinner that can’t be missed, not only is it special for you and your sweetheart, it is also the perfect venue to have conversations with people you have not met before. A chance to experience sharing a meal with a community of like-minded folks – food lovers who like to enjoy fresh, in-season, gourmet meals. Perhaps we will see you there this year? Although we need to call in advance since they get booked fast.

fluently lived,

Stephanie and Kriselle

Carry-on Essentials for Boys

kids carry on essential.004

Shopping Guide:


Cardigans [1] are a good alternative to heavy jackets and hoodies.  Khakis [2] are lightweight and the Gap carries a variety of colors.  Boys love baseball caps [3] and it will be great for shielding the sun or cold.  So glad there are now v-neck t-shirt options [5] for kids and this one by Ever/After has a cool patch pocket.  Backpacks are easy to carry and Herschel backpacks come in cool styles and colors and this will also work for school.  Tai is really getting into music and chose these headphones by Skull Candy [6] for their colorful pattern.  More tasty good for you snacks from Clift Bar [7] and Odwalla [9], so many different flavors you can’t really get tired of them and they’re both based out of the Bay Area.  A classic sketchbook [10] is great for drawing and writing, I don’t tend to save things, but after the kids have filled up a book, it’s one of the few things I’ll keep as keepsakes.  Slip on Vans [11] in an unexpected color combo.

Carry-on Essentials for Girls

carry on essentials.003

Shopping Guide:


Comfort for kids is a priority when traveling, so I like to choose clothing made out of soft material.  The fleece wrap cardigan [1] from J.Crew Factory is an easy piece to layer on and the ribbon makes it sweet.  Mia loves leggings and will wear them everyday if she could, stripes serve as a neutral piece in both of our closets and go well with mixing other patterns, Tea Collection [2] makes long lasting pairs.  In case she gets chilly at the airport or on the plane, this infinity scarf by Tucker + Tate will keep her warm and I just love the horse print.  Believe it or not good fitting t-shirts are not easy to find, I recently discovered the label Ever/After [3], which make basics for the whole family  in cool cuts and colors.  Slip on sneakers are no fuss while at the airport and this iconic pair by French label Bensimon [5] will look darling with dresses or pants.  I like this interactive coloring book,  “My Wonderful World of Fashion,” [6] for it’s cute illustrations you can color and it also has fun activities to try.  Girls’ seem to like mini versions of things and these colored pencils [9] are just that and come in a small container.  We try to choose healthy snacks when available, Z Bars [7] and Odwalla juices [10] are favorites in our family.  Kids seem to get excited over having their own headphones [8] and who can resist childhood classic, Hello Kitty.  This ride on suitcase from Melissa & Doug (Steph put me on to them a few years ago) [11] is so fun for kids at the airport, Mia is too big to ride on it now, but she still uses it as her carry on and it holds a special place in her heart.

Carry-On Essentials for Men

carry on essentials.002

Shopping Guide:

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11]

A cool hoodie [1] is a good for layering, this one by All Saints is knitted with merino wool.  A classic pair of Levi’s [2] in a dark color will work for day and night. A patterned pocket puts a twist in a basic men’s v-neck t-shirt [3].  Men can carry nice bags too, this leather trimmed carry all by Danish brand Mismo [4] is made with water-resistant canvas and will hold up nicely through the test of time.  Comfy sneakers [5] by Vans come in new cool colors.  Music is essential for most men, these noise canceling headphones by Bose [6] will work nicely while using the Iphone [9] for music.  The inflatable pillow [7] and blanket [11] pack up neatly in pouches, there’s lots of room for mom & kids to have each of their own, too and can be packed in Dad’s new carry all bag.  Kind bars [8] are another healthy tasty snack option.  Coconut water [10] to keep hydrated during the flight.

Carry-On Essentials for Women

carry on essentials for women.001

Shopping Guide

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12]

Taking the plane with the whole family can be an “overwhelming thought,” but a little pre-planning can go a long way to ensure everyone stays comfortable.

Always handy to have a hat [1] and this one by Rag & Bone is a floppy fedora, so it packs up easily and will keep you looking chic after a flight. Depending on weather conditions in your destination, sometimes a blazer [2] is all I pack for a jacket because it works for day and night and keeps your look pulled together. I also always pack a pair of dark skinny jeans [3] because of their versatility, again also works for day and night,  looks good with flats or heels.   It can get chilly in the plane and this wrap cardigan by All Saints [4] is made with super soft jersey merino wool and layers up nicely.  Having a tablet makes it so I don’t have to pack a notebook and housing it in a leopard case [5] keeps it fun.  Lara bars [6]  are made with minimal ingredients and whole food, come in many flavors and are a good healthy snack.  Lip balm is a must because the plane can dry your skin out, EOS [7] lip balm come in round shapes and yummy flavors, which make it easier to find in your bag.  I love v-necks shirts and J.Crew [8] makes a good worn in linen one, which is also great for layering. When I can’t have a smoothie [9], Odwalla drinks are my next option. Big scarves double as a blanket and this Cantaloupe colored one by Chan Luu [10] is made of silk and cashmere and feels luxurious.  This stylish tote by Graf & Lantz [11] can carry all the essentials.  Bloch ballet flats [12] are my absolute favorite , they mold to your feet and can be worn all day and come in a variety of colors and prints.

Fluently lived,

Kriselle & Stephanie

Summer Essentials for Us

Women & Men Summer Essentials

Shopping Guide

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

Essentials to add to the kit for Mom & Dad.

This swimsuit [1] by Michael Kors is stylish while concealing in the right places. Can’t go wrong with a Panama Hat [2] by J.Crew.   Flip flops  [3] in a gold color are neutral easy to pack and versatile.  This cover up by Soft Joie [4] comes in a zig zag print and can transition easily into an outfit.  Havianas [5] flip flops are comfortable and have some of the best options for men.  Men’s board shorts [6] don’t have to be plain and boring, J.Crew offers a variety in prints.  Ray Bans [7] are always a classic and look good on most men.

Fluently lived,

Kriselle & Stephanie

Summer Essentials for Kids

Summer for Kids

Shopping Guide

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]

Kids Essentials to add to the Summer Kit.  Folded up they pack neatly and take little room.

Rash guards [1 & 6] from J. Crew will protect the kids from the sun and keep them warm for playing in the ocean. Swimsuits [3 & 7] from Target will work for all water occasions. We find baseball caps [4 & 8] are easier to wear for kids than floppy straw hats or fedoras and we like to show love to our home teams.  Our go to for water shoes are cute, stylish, comfy and come in a variety of colors, Saltwater Sandals [2] and Native Shoes [5].

Fluently lived,

Kriselle & Stephanie

Summer Essentials Kit

Summer Essentials Kit

Shopping Guide

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11]

We’ve been MIA for a few weeks while wrapping up the end of the school year, tying up work projects, revamping the blog with a new look and getting ready for summer, but we’re back!

With that in mind, we realized during our “Glamping Trip” (pics to come soon) that 1) we need to do that more often and 2) that we need a Summer Essential Kit always packed in the trunk of the car to make these little trips easier to do and can be more impromptu.  One of the biggest roadblocks in taking these trips is the daunting idea of having to pack and unpack, so if we had a kit ready to go in the car, we’ll always be prepared.  We’re pretty spoiled living in the Bay Area having access to some of the best outdoor scenery from beaches, lakes, rivers, parks and swimming pools so being prepared  will make it all the easier to go and explore.

Having a straw tote [1] that is foldable will work to carry things out of the car. The picnic basket [2] by Martha Stewart is complete with plates, glasses, utensils and napkins for four.  Each member in the family can have a different color striped towel [3] from Dwell Studio.  The tassel blanket [4] from West Elm is lightweight and will work for the beach or a picnic.  This water bottle [5] by OKO is great because it has a built in filtration system.  Badger Sunscreen [6] is natural and organic.  Powder is great for dusting the sand off bare feet and Burt Bees [7] makes a natural one that smells so fresh.  Love the Honest Company for their non toxic products and [8] wipes always come in handy.  Aveeno [9] hydrocortisone cream in case of any skin allergic reactions.  Having a first aid kit is essential and this kit by [10] Medibag covers the whole family with 117 pieces.  This [11] trunk organizer will keep it all organized and has a removable insulated cooler.

Fluently lived,

Kriselle & Stephanie

What to Pack for Glamping

glamping essentials


We’re going on a Moms & Daughters “glamping” (glamourous+camping) trip just an hour south of SF along the ever so beautiful Cali coast for some much needed R&R and girl time. We’ve rounded up a few essentials to pack on our trip. We’ll be staying in these cool Tent Bungalows at an eco adventure resort.  The best thing about glamping is there’s no set-up involved and since the resort provides the basics, all we have to pack are our clothes and personal items that we want to bring on the trip.  We’ve booked time at the spa for massages.  There’s an in house restaurant or if we want to be more camp like, there are BBQ grills for cooking.  There are many on-site activities, but we want to do some local exploring of the nearby quaint towns. The beach is just a short walk, we can also tour a historic lighthouse, visit a berry farm and check out a goat dairy farm.  We’ll share pics of the trip and let you know how it went!


Fluently lived,


Steph & Angelina, Kriselle & Caramia


Shopping Guide


[1] why not start the day with strawberry mimosas, all you need is a good bottle of bubbly, oj and strawberries

[2] no camping trip is complete without S’mores, pack along some marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate, (I’ll bring some fancy dark chocolate for us moms)

[3] candles to add ambiance to the bungalow, Kai candles have a soothing, clean, tropical fragrance

[4] this cute backpack by Herschel comes in a fun polka dot print and will come in handy for hiking and exploring

[5] love the stripes and rose color of this towel from Anthropologie and it’s a good size for laying out on the beach

[6] this plush blanket from West Elm will be nice and cozy at the campfire

[7] “I Had a Favorite Dress” is a fun girly book for the girls to read during downtime

[8] this French market tote is ideal & versatile

[9] the wireless mini Jambox by Jawbone is so awesome for playing music along with using it as a speaker for watching chick flicks on the laptop

[10] of course a camera to capture the moments, we use a Leica

[11] Lola & Winter will come along for the trip, we heart Jess Brown Dolls here at FluentLife


glamping packing list

Shopping Guide


[1] this parka by Scotch & Soda has a removable tribal print lining that will be great for layering

[2] stay stylish while exploring the local attractions in this cute dress with a vintage print by Scotch & Soda  

[3] temps tend to drop in the evenings and this slouchy beanie by All Saints will help when it starts to get chilly

[4] these duck boots by LL Bean are great for the outdoors

[5] swimsuits are not the easiest things to shop for  because of fit & style, so it’s that one piece of item that you don’t want to forget on any trip, love the print and soft color palette in this one-piece by Mara Hoffman

[6] flip flops are light and easy to pack and it’s always handy to have a pair, we like this leather pair in a neutral color by Tkees 

[7] Splendid makes a great heavyweight pair of leggings in a soft French Terry

glamping kids packing essentials

Shopping Guide


[1]  a cute military style functional water resistant parka with a detachable hood by J.Crew is perfect for camping and will still look cute over a dress

[2] such a sweet dress by Nellystella

[3] just like mama’s but in a kid version by LL Bean

[4] camping clothing is all about having layers especially for the kids, these star print leggings are from Zara

[5] love the vintage style of this swimsuit by Dagmar Daley

[6] stylish sun hat from Zara

[7] Saltwater sandals are comfortable, durable and waterproof and best of all come in a variety of fun colors