Quick Lunch: The Local Butcher Shop

We have been meeting for lunch lately just to catch up and brainstorm ideas for the blog. Today we knew we needed our noon caffeine from our favorite coffeeshop at Berkeley’s Gourmet Ghetto – Philz Coffee. I got a large Tesora medium sweet plus (which I just found out means a little more cream and 1.5 tbsp of sugar). Kris got a Red Sea, Philz Way (which is medium cream and medium sugar) … I think Philz deserves a separate blog post so we’ll write more about their myriad of coffee creations.  By the way if you haven’t heard of Philz, you will soon as Facebook Headquarters has a Philz Coffee Shop on their campus.


Since we were heading that way anyway, we thought we should try something new and check out The Local Butcher Shop around the corner. The shop is really a butcher shop, as the name implies, but they also serve one type of sandwich, or sando (as they call it) a day. Today, the sandwich of the day is Meatloaf with Stewed Tomatoes, Sautéed Onions, Arugula, Garlic Aioli on an ACME Sweet Deli Roll.

The local butcher shop

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Oakland’s Pop-Up Hood: Borgo Italia

The charm,



One of the newest additions to Old Oakland is Borgo Italia, a true authentic taste of Italian food. Walking by Borgo on a recent morning with my husband, the fresh pastries beautifully displayed in the window caught our attention and we couldn’t resist going in to see what it was all about.  I was a little skeptical at first because most of the time pastries can be deceiving, they can look delicious, but end up tasting sugary and artificial.  Fabio, one of the restaurant owners welcomed us in and immediately made us feel at home and kindly offered us some samples because it sure is hard to choose.  After trying the samples, we were both pleasantly surprised at how fresh and delicious they were, Fabio informed us that they are Italian recipes and made on site. We picked up a few to go for the kids and Fabio added in some others on the house.  It’s rare these days to come across such hospitality, it reminded us of our time in Italy and definitely made us want to come back for a meal. Continue reading