Mother’s Day Gift Ideas…

Mother’s Day is near and it’s the time of the year to honor and celebrate the mothers’ in our lives by showing our appreciation.   It can be challenging to come up with gift ideas for other women, so we put together a guide that can hopefully help.

We are constantly inspired by powerful mom’s who work hard to achieve their dreams and manage to have a good balance of career and family.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2013.001Our “new mom” inspiration is fashion stylist Rachel Zoe.  Her boho chic style has been influential in our personal style and her growing fashion empire is truly inspiring.  We also love the fact that she takes her son with her to work!

For a new mom,  their first Mother’s Day is the ultimate holiday. She’s now part of the motherhood club and her life as she knew it, is now forever changed.  It’s important to make sure she feels special and appreciated.


1.  This dress by Loup Charmant is versatile and flattering while hiding unwanted spots. –Stephanie


2. Healthy food deliveries are a thoughtful gift for the new mom, especially in those early stages of establishing a routine.  Not having to think about cooking a meal would be so helpful.  Gwyneth Paltrow’s blog Goop has great recommendations. –Stephanie


3.   New moms’ are excited about their new bundle of joy and this necklace by Jennifer Zeuner can be personalized to say the baby’s name and it also has a little heart pendant to add to the sweetness.- Kriselle


4. A spa day can seem predictable, but new moms deserve to be pampered especially after transitioning into this new sleep deprived life.  It’s not easy for new moms to get some “me” time, have all the details arranged for her ahead of time , so she can truly have a relaxing time while being away from the baby.- Kriselle


Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2013.002Our “seasoned mom” inspiration is interior/fashion designer Kelly Wearstler, mom of two boys and known for her “Hollywood Regency” interior decorating style.  We constantly reference her as a design force and look to her as a role model in our own careers.  Her motto is to “take risks” and anything that is “worthwhile is usually difficult”, which is a good reminder to not give up when things get challenging.

A seasoned mom has evolved in her role as a mom and has gotten to celebrate a handful or more of Mother’s Day, so now it’s all about making her feel honored with practicality.


5. Now that her kids’ are older and have homework, it would be nice if she didn’t have to wait for her turn to use the home computer, so a perfect gift for her would be a laptop.  We like the Apple Macbook Pro in 13″ because it’s lightweight, portable, fits in a medium sized bag and she can take it with her when she’s on the go.  I often bring my laptop around to squeeze in worktime, especially when I’m waiting around for the kids during their extra curricular activities- Kriselle


6.  Get a few of the other dads’ in her circle of friends and arrange a bagel  spread and champagne brunch in honor of them.  At this stage in motherhood, she has gotten through those challenging times of being a new mom with the help of her girlfriends.  Motherhood can feel lonely at times and the special bond and camaraderie that women forge is so healthy for preserving sanity and sometimes all you need is to be able to vent to someone who totally gets what you’re going thru. I would love to see my mom friends on Mother’s Day!- Kriselle


7. We love spending time outdoors as a family and this Parisian style picnic basket from Anthropologie comes complete with a blanket and reusable table settings for 4.  Just in time for Spring/Summer. –Kriselle


8. A notebook always comes in handy and this fuchsia leather notebook by  Smythson is stylish and fun. –Stephanie

Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2013.003


Our inspiration for “our mom” is Angela Missoni from the iconic Italian knitwear fashion house, Missoni.  She has a son and 2 daughters.  She serves as Creative Director for the brand. We admire their closeness working together as a family for three generations.

At this stage, “our mom” has lived a rich life and has experienced it all.  She has been there for us through youth, young adult, relationships, buying our first home,  childbirth and now is a grandmother.  She loves us unconditionally and now it’s our turn to make her feel special.


9.   Now that my mom is retired, she has the freedom to travel.  A plane ticket to visit my aunts’ that live in  another state would be an ideal gift for her. –Kriselle


10.   Sometimes it’s hard to get someone who seems to have everything, but entertaining pieces can always come in handy and these pretty teacups from Anthropologie are delightful. –Kriselle


11. This headscarf from Dolce & Gabana has that old world European feel and will add chicness to mom’s look.- Kriselle


12. If she doesn’t live local flower deliveries are always classic and this pretty arrangement by Vera Wang is elegant. –Stephanie


Valentine’s Day 2013 Gift & Inspiration Guide






Valentine’s Day is just a few days away, we rounded some gift ideas for all the special loved ones’ in your life.  If you are looking to bake a special treat, check out the yummy recipes in the links.  Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Fluently lived,

K & S

Valentine’s Day Shopping Guide and Recipe Guide

from: left to right

Row 1 Moet, La Perla Bra,  Tom Ford Jasmin

Row 2 Essie Fishnet Polish, La Perla Underwear, Chanel Rouge Lipstick

Row 3 A.P.C. Tie, Lanvin Cufflinks, A.P.C. Denim Jacket

Row 4 Fragrances by Farmacia SS , Burberry Ipad Case, Prada Drivers

Row 5 Linen and Pot Scrubber, Diptyque Tuberose, Linen Stripe Tray

Row 6 Love Pillow, West Elm Striped Bag, KitchenAid Mixer

Row 7 Atsuyo et Akiko Ostrich Necklace, Babygap Heart Sweater, Wovenplay Rose Tutu

Row 8 Atsuyo et Akiko & Tamar Mogendorff Birdhouse, Lanvin Panama Hat, J.Crew Swimsuit

Row 9 Gapkids Skull Tie, G Shock Watch, Sony PS3 Controller

Row 10 Vans Shoes, Lego Heart, Adidas Tracksuit

Row 11 Lauduree Macarons, Heart Ice Cream Sandwiches, Valentine’s Day Cupcakes & Strawberry Drink

Row 12 Heart Pops, Heart Lace Cookies, Balsamic Strawberry Butter Cake