Carry-on Essentials for Boys

kids carry on essential.004

Shopping Guide:


Cardigans [1] are a good alternative to heavy jackets and hoodies.  Khakis [2] are lightweight and the Gap carries a variety of colors.  Boys love baseball caps [3] and it will be great for shielding the sun or cold.  So glad there are now v-neck t-shirt options [5] for kids and this one by Ever/After has a cool patch pocket.  Backpacks are easy to carry and Herschel backpacks come in cool styles and colors and this will also work for school.  Tai is really getting into music and chose these headphones by Skull Candy [6] for their colorful pattern.  More tasty good for you snacks from Clift Bar [7] and Odwalla [9], so many different flavors you can’t really get tired of them and they’re both based out of the Bay Area.  A classic sketchbook [10] is great for drawing and writing, I don’t tend to save things, but after the kids have filled up a book, it’s one of the few things I’ll keep as keepsakes.  Slip on Vans [11] in an unexpected color combo.

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