Summer Essentials Kit

Summer Essentials Kit

Shopping Guide

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We’ve been MIA for a few weeks while wrapping up the end of the school year, tying up work projects, revamping the blog with a new look and getting ready for summer, but we’re back!

With that in mind, we realized during our “Glamping Trip” (pics to come soon) that 1) we need to do that more often and 2) that we need a Summer Essential Kit always packed in the trunk of the car to make these little trips easier to do and can be more impromptu.  One of the biggest roadblocks in taking these trips is the daunting idea of having to pack and unpack, so if we had a kit ready to go in the car, we’ll always be prepared.  We’re pretty spoiled living in the Bay Area having access to some of the best outdoor scenery from beaches, lakes, rivers, parks and swimming pools so being prepared  will make it all the easier to go and explore.

Having a straw tote [1] that is foldable will work to carry things out of the car. The picnic basket [2] by Martha Stewart is complete with plates, glasses, utensils and napkins for four.  Each member in the family can have a different color striped towel [3] from Dwell Studio.  The tassel blanket [4] from West Elm is lightweight and will work for the beach or a picnic.  This water bottle [5] by OKO is great because it has a built in filtration system.  Badger Sunscreen [6] is natural and organic.  Powder is great for dusting the sand off bare feet and Burt Bees [7] makes a natural one that smells so fresh.  Love the Honest Company for their non toxic products and [8] wipes always come in handy.  Aveeno [9] hydrocortisone cream in case of any skin allergic reactions.  Having a first aid kit is essential and this kit by [10] Medibag covers the whole family with 117 pieces.  This [11] trunk organizer will keep it all organized and has a removable insulated cooler.

Fluently lived,

Kriselle & Stephanie

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