Summer Essentials for Us

Women & Men Summer Essentials

Shopping Guide

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Essentials to add to the kit for Mom & Dad.

This swimsuit [1] by Michael Kors is stylish while concealing in the right places. Can’t go wrong with a Panama Hat [2] by J.Crew.   Flip flops  [3] in a gold color are neutral easy to pack and versatile.  This cover up by Soft Joie [4] comes in a zig zag print and can transition easily into an outfit.  Havianas [5] flip flops are comfortable and have some of the best options for men.  Men’s board shorts [6] don’t have to be plain and boring, J.Crew offers a variety in prints.  Ray Bans [7] are always a classic and look good on most men.

Fluently lived,

Kriselle & Stephanie

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