Love is in the air…



Spring is here and love is in the air. Love has been a theme for fluentlife33 this year and since I am single, here are some of my musts when getting to know men. And I hope I inspire some of you other single folks out there.


fluently lived,



#1. Tuck that phone away.

When I am spending time with someone, whether it’s just for a quick snack or a fancy dinner, I like to give my undivided attention. I put my phone on mute & hide it in my purse. Getting myself distracted is a lost opportunity to get to know the other person.


#2. Plan loosely.

I like to know the day & time that we’re going out but I don’t need to know where we are going days in advance. Being spontaneous is fun and less nerve-wracking.


#3. Dress up but don’t look like you tried so hard.

When I know where & when we’re going out, I like to get ready ahead of time so my make-up settles & I feel comfortable in the clothes (and shoes) I’ve picked for the occassion. That way I have time to retouch and I am not in a rush.


#4. Be genuinely interested.

I love getting to know people. It’s like reading a book that hasn’t been written yet. So when I am on a date, I talk less and I listen.


#5. Order dessert.

This is not the time to declare that you’re on a diet.


#6. Just one drink.

If you are both drinking, order just one drink. It’s hard to keep your composure if you have a little too much to drink.


#7. Say goodnight (and really have a good night).

Express that you had a good time. Expect nothing and go about your life the next day.


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