DIY colorblock wall…Risky Business











  • paint (for this project -we used white in a flat sheen and black in an eggshell sheen)
  • frog tape (prevents paint bleed)
  • painter’s tape
  • gold spray paint (to get the metallic feel we used spraypaint instead of paint)
  • laser level
  • paint supplies (roller, paint tray, plastic drop cloth, paint brush)
  • pencil
  • ruler


1. After you finish prepping the area (moving furniture, removing electrical outlet covers, taping off base boards and covering the floor) paint the wall with your base color

2. Use the laser level at desired height of the next color, than using the frog tape, tape along the entire laser line, add a layer or 2 of painter’s tape on top of the frog tape to give yourself a buffer when spray painting.

3. Using the ruler, measure the desired height and width of the second color and mark with a pencil

4. Spray paint below the frog tape at your desired width

5. Using the laser again put a layer of frog tape on top of where the third color will begin

6. Paint the remaining color and you’re done!


It was recently our wedding anniversary and  after being a couple for many years, instead of the typical go out to dinner or a weekend get away, we planned to paint our living room/dining room wall.  We’ve had all the supplies needed for a couple of weeks, but hadn’t gotten around to actually doing it. Sometimes with our lives being so hectic, doing stuff for the house always ends up getting put on the back burner, so we agreed to make this our anniversary GIFT.  I tend to change the wall colors every two years, it’s a pattern of mine. We dropped the kids off for an overnight at my mom’s, so we would be free to just get the job done, ordered take out from one of our favorite restaurants, Burma Superstar and within a couple of hours steps 1-5 we’re finished.  We let the paint dry overnight.  We still had time to watch a movie and ordered “This is 40″ on cable demand,” which was pretty funny and although we’re still a few years away from that, it was very relatable.  The next morning, we painted the black.  There were a few touch ups that were needed, so it just required taping up and than touching up with the paint.  All in all the job took around 4 hours.

Now on to the painting “Risky Business,” it was featured in a recent show at our gallery by local artist, Marcos LaFarga and it really resonated with Sorell, as we have taken the risky and sometimes’ scary route in life from having kids a little earlier than the standard and starting a business in all the craziness of having a young family.  The painting’s a reminder of how far we’ve come and how far we will continue to go!


Fluently lived,



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