Mural spotting…

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|Photos by: Fernan Caparas & Kriselle| Murals Courtesy of: Le Qui Vive Gallery|

LeQuiVive is on a mission to paint the town! It’s an amazing time to be a fan of art in Oakland, and a real blessing to be a part of the team down at LeQuiVive. The kids and I had a blast watching these murals come to life, Tai liked swinging on the scaffolding and Mia enjoyed playing with the paint and teasing the artists. The whole family has become fans’ of local artists, Cannon Dill and Irot’s work. ¬†We’re also super excited for Cannon’s solo show at LeQuiVive on April 5th. It’s so funny how the city is up in arms about all the graffiti, but if they would just let the people paint it might not be so bad. Taggers will tag but great murals are for everyone to enjoy. LeQuiVive is trying our best to secure as many walls as possible and inform business and property owners that there are alternatives to just buffing graffiti…paint a mural!

Fluently lived,

Sorell (Kriselle’s husband)

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