Valentine’s Day 2013 Gift & Inspiration Guide






Valentine’s Day is just a few days away, we rounded some gift ideas for all the special loved ones’ in your life.  If you are looking to bake a special treat, check out the yummy recipes in the links.  Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Fluently lived,

K & S

Valentine’s Day Shopping Guide and Recipe Guide

from: left to right

Row 1 Moet, La Perla Bra,  Tom Ford Jasmin

Row 2 Essie Fishnet Polish, La Perla Underwear, Chanel Rouge Lipstick

Row 3 A.P.C. Tie, Lanvin Cufflinks, A.P.C. Denim Jacket

Row 4 Fragrances by Farmacia SS , Burberry Ipad Case, Prada Drivers

Row 5 Linen and Pot Scrubber, Diptyque Tuberose, Linen Stripe Tray

Row 6 Love Pillow, West Elm Striped Bag, KitchenAid Mixer

Row 7 Atsuyo et Akiko Ostrich Necklace, Babygap Heart Sweater, Wovenplay Rose Tutu

Row 8 Atsuyo et Akiko & Tamar Mogendorff Birdhouse, Lanvin Panama Hat, J.Crew Swimsuit

Row 9 Gapkids Skull Tie, G Shock Watch, Sony PS3 Controller

Row 10 Vans Shoes, Lego Heart, Adidas Tracksuit

Row 11 Lauduree Macarons, Heart Ice Cream Sandwiches, Valentine’s Day Cupcakes & Strawberry Drink

Row 12 Heart Pops, Heart Lace Cookies, Balsamic Strawberry Butter Cake

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