33 things to do in 2013

We don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions but we believe in being mindful of what worked and did not in 2012, and taking the necessary steps in 2013 to enhance our lives. Here are the 33 things we plan to do this year. Hopefully we inspire some of you to write down your things to do this year. Every month we will be updating our list, and we’re hopeful that we will cross all of them off by the end of the year. Happy New Year everyone!

Fluently lived,

Steph & Kriselle

2013 Things to Do

33 things to do

33 things to do

33 things to do

Photo credits: We try to credit the source of our pictures as much as we could. But sometimes, we can’t find them. Here are the ones we were able to find. Click here for the credits.

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