Oakland’s Pop Up Hood: Eat, Shop, Sip at Old Oakland


Pop Up Hood has transformed the ever so charming neighborhood of Old Oakland.  It was launched in September, 2011 as way to revitalize the historic neighborhood located along 9th and Broadway St. in downtown Oakland.   The Pop Up Hood was founded by Sarah Filley and Alfonso Dominguez and Old Oakland has served as their pilot location.  The idea behind Pop Up Hood is to curate indie retailers into what once were vacant storefronts and help negotiate free rent for up to 6 months with the intention of signing a long term lease.  This business approach helps revitalize a neighborhood while at the same time helping landlords and indie retailers/businesses bring commerce to the neighborhood, sounds like a win win for all, especially the residents.  Old Oakland is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Oakland with it’s tree lined streets, brick paths and beautiful 1890’s Victorian architecture.  Everytime I’m there, I feel like I am somewhere else and makes me imagine what Oakland was like back then.   Oakland’s going  thru a modern renaissance period and the Pop Up Hood ties right into it.  Gotta give it up to all the merchants in Old Oakland for bringing local artisans together and providing a much needed service to the people.  I still feel like it’s a hidden gem and it’s only a matter of time before it becomes a destination spot. Old Oakland is the perfect backdrop to Eat, Shop and Sip.

We’ll be showcasing a 6 part series of the Pop Up Hood.


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