Caramia’s (7) and Angelina’s (4) Objects…

Zara Kids Paisley Scarf, no longer available, buy a scarf just as cute here, Goorin Bros Headband, buy here, Claire’s Glasses, buy here, Forever 21 Rose Earrings, buy here, Forever 21 Beaded Necklace, no longer available, buy similar one here, Coach neckerchief, no longer available, buy similar one here, Feather Earrings, handmade, place an order here, Harujuku Perfume, buy here


Caramia’s Image: Caramia, usually goes by Mia, is starting to get into fashion. She wears a blue and white uniform for school, so she likes to jazz it up with accessories and this Zara paisley print scarf is always in her backpack. The headband we got at our favorite hat store, Goorin Bros and it’s also another accessory we can share, we thought it would be a fun prop to have. The purple earrings were a thoughtful gift from a vendor we had at one of our Art Gallery events. The fake glasses were a gift from her twin friends at school, they all have a mutual friend, Juliette who had to start wearing prescription eyeglasses, so the twins’ mom thought it was a good idea if some of the other girls’ got glasses too, so Juliette wouldn’t feel self conscious. One of Mia’s favorite thing to do when we go shopping is to collect perfume samples from Nordstorm’s, where they let you fill up your own cute little sample bottles to take home, she picked the Harajuku Lovers perfume while we were traveling in Asia, and managed to find two other Harajuku Lovers characters by the end of the trip. She is quite fond of the Harujuku Lovers characters and they have frequently been inspiration for her sketches. The beaded purse is actually supposed to be a necklace for grown ups, but it is just the right size for Mia to use as a cross body bag. I recently took Mia on her first trip to NYC where we had special just “me and her” time together and the necklace is special to her because it was a find from that trip along with the rosette earrings, both purchased at Forever21. The Coach neckerchief is an old scarf of mine that she took over, she especially likes it because the C’s stand for Caramia!


Fluently lived,

Mia’s mom (that’s what they call me at her school)


Bodyworks Book, buy here, Pink Nintendo DS, buy here, Crown Hairclip, buy similar here, Musical Notes Hat purchased at Target, no longer available, Vintage Angel Bell, buy similar here, Keychain, buy similar here, Zebra Bracelet, buy similar here, Maileg Mousy, buy here


Pink Diamond Paperweight, Vintage Jewelry Case, buy similar here, Crown (on jewelry case), buy similar here, Bracelets, buy similar here, Leopard Purse, buy similar here, Mousie, buy here, Anthropologie Necklaces (black & red), no longer available


First Image: Angie is only four and has already developed her own style. Her world right now is pink! To become a doctor is one of her many dreams, so when she saw the book about how the body works, we had to buy it. The pink leopard hat is her signature DJ style as she calls it. The brass bell & animal cuff are garage sale finds. The crown hair clip & A key chain are from Auntie Sarah. She’s a videogamer as well, so she has my pink DS, and she loves Super Mario Bros at the moment. She calls her pink mouse Mousy A. And of course, her favorite treasure, her pictures with her daddy.


Second Image: Here are a few of her accessories – a beaded crown from her dad, some bangles, her boho scarves with the leopard mini purse to match. She likes to pretend that the pink crystal paperweight is a diamond, and the glass jewelry display case we found when we were walking in our old neighborhood one day. The matching blue mouse doll, is a partner to Mousy A, and his name is simply Mousy.


Fluently lived,



Vintage Teacups & Saucers, buy similar here, Butteryfly Pins, buy similar here, Heart Doilies, buy here, Haba Petit Fours (candy in the dish), buy here, Milk Glass Dish, buy similar here, Haba Sweet Trio Muffins, buy here, Jess Brown Doll (left), buy similar here, Jess Brown Doll Wovenplay Edition (right), buy here, Clothespins, buy similar here


Caramia and Angelina’s Image:

We’re not sure who wanted the dolls more, us or the kids! Jess Brown Dolls are handmade in the Bay Area and she designs the prettiest outfits for the dolls along with doing special edition collaborations with other clothing designers, you can find more info about Jess Brown dolls here. The doll on the left belongs to Angelina and her name is Lola. The doll on the right is Mia’s and her name is Winter, Mia’s a winter baby and since Winter arrived for her 6th b-day, she decided to name her Winter. The toughest decision was choosing which doll to get, Steph and I probably spent hours online admiring the dolls. The girls like to get Lola and Winter together and have tea parties. Both girls happen to have the same set of play food by Haba, which makes playing make believe a lot more funner. Steph has a great collection of vintage tea sets and milk glass, this tea set is one of my favorites out of her collection. It’s so fun to go into her kitchen cabinets and check out her vintage finds. This image was our favorite to style, we definitely love having girls.


Fluently lived,


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