Tai’s (9) & Alex’s (8) Objects…

Gundam Robot Samurai, buy here, Jabbawockeez Bandana, buy here, Halo 2, buy here, Nike Air Jordan’s, buy here, Crooks and Castle Hat, buy here


Tai’s Image: The Gundam Samurai Robot was a present from Christmas. Tai has been collecting Gundam Robot models for over a year now.  When he likes something, he tends to go full force and can get borderline obsessed, he went through many toy phases, Star Wars lasted for four years, during the Star Wars phase, Lego’s also came into the picture and the building has now progressed into Gundam Models.  Gundam’s come in many (overwhelming) pieces and instructions, so it’s a special activity he does with his dad, the end result is quite impressive.   He likes building and putting things together and says he wants to be a Lego Designer when he grows up, maybe all the money we spent on Lego’s will one day pay off! We watched America’s Best Dance Crew as a family and rooted for the Jabbawockeez that first season.  Both Tai and Mia love the Jabbawockeez, so we thought it would be fun to take them to the live shoe in Vegas, which is where Tai got the bandana. It was a very theatrical and entertaining production and the memory will stick with them forever.  In this modern day, you can’t really avoid video games or social media, we let the kids play but only in moderation and try to always incorporate a balanced life in our home. We got suckered into buying the kids an Xbox during one of the demos of Dance Central at the Microsoft retail store.  The Crooks and Castle hat was a recent b-day gift from his uncle (my brother).  He seems to be never without a hat these days, the other day my three year old niece asked me “why does Tai always wear a hat.”  Lastly are his Nike Air Jordan’s indoor basketball shoes, his most favorite thing in the world is playing basketball (whenever I hear a ball bouncing I know he’s near) and he’s going on his fourth year playing basketball in a league.  I still have a collection of Jordan’s from high school and remember both of my brothers’ waiting in line at the crack of dawn to get their hands on a pair of coveted newly released Jordan’s. Hey it runs in the family and soon I’ll pass on my collection to him.  For a future post maybe I can feature my brothers’ sneaker game.


Fluently lived,

Tai’s mama


Shadow Puppet, buy here, Play Station Controller, buy here, Bey Blade, buy here, Gundam Robot, buy similar here, Shaun White Wallet, buy here


These objects really speak to what Alex is into these days… He hasn’t outgrown his love for dinosaurs, and his object is a shadow puppet we bought from the Renegade Craft Fair in SF years ago. Recently, we bought 2 additional PS3 controllers (now we have 4), so all four kids can play their favorite game Castle Crashers. Yes, my son plays videogames. As long as we know the content & monitor the time their clocking in, I don’t have a problem with it. The Gundam Robot is a Christmas gift – hardest toy to put together, with those tiny little pieces. He also loves beyblades, that most of the time I find in the freezer. He said freezing them makes them spin longer for some reason. I allow my kids to explore & experiment so if he thinks freezing these metal tops work, I support it;) Lastly is his wallet ,where he keeps his money. Alex is quite a saver, but also generous. He gets money from relatives, which he saves until he finds a super special item worth spending on. Sometimes he even pays for my ice cream!


Fluently lived,


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