Steph’s Objects…


Steph’s Objects- Notepad, buy similar one here, Vintage Bracelet (left), buy similar one here, Vintage Chanel Bracelet (middle),  buy similar one here, Vintage Snake Cuff (right), buy similar one here, Vintage Tiger Brooch, buy similar one here, Balenciaga Heels (Spring 2006), no longer available


Vintage Heart Trinket Box, buy similar one here, Vintage Snake Pearl Drop Earrings (left), buy similar pair here, Vintage Snake Earrings (right), buy similar pair here,  Love Paperweight, buy similar one here, Jessica Simpson Bracelets, black leather (right), buy  here, python print (middle), buy  here, leopard print (right), buy similar one here


First Image: So it’s not a secret that I love horns & skulls, hence the deer horn in this picture. I am an artist so I always have a tiny sketch pad & fine point pens with me. I am partial to Staedtler, I think it’s a habit I got when I was taking Fine Arts courses in college. As I’m sketching I like to hear jingles from my bracelets – the chain link Chanel bracelet is actually from a belt, the vintage snake bracelet is from a vintage store in San Francisco, and the studded leather thingie is from guess what? Forever 21! The tiger brooch is from an estate sale and the Star Wars Stormtroopers like shoes are from Balenciaga’s 2006 Spring/Summer collection. The picture doesn’t show but it has mirrors inside the heels. Very modern!


Second Image: Most of the items are vintage finds. I love filigree & detailed objects, as you can see in the heart jewelry box. The LOVE paperweight just reminds me to never stop loving myself, life, my family, friends, kindred spirits… I collect vintage animal costume  jewelry, a few of them are the 2 snake earrings, zebra & tiger brooches. Believe it or not, those 3 bangles are by Jessica Simpson for Macy’s. I was quite impressed when I saw them. Enjoy!


Fluently lived,



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