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Knucke Ring Party Box, handmade, to place an order contact here, Anthropologie Beaded Belt, no longer available, buy similar one here, Jimmy Choo Gladiator Sandals, no longer available, buy similar pair here, Free People Studded Iphone Case, buy here, Vintage Earrings, buy similar pair here, Topshop Beaded Scarf, buy similar style here

Ash Wedge Sneakers Cobalt, buy here, Erica Anenberg Leopard Knucle Ring, buy here, Rebecca Minkoff Studded Wallet, buy here, Ray Bans Wayfarer, buy here, Kai Fragrance Oil, buy here, Melody Ehsani Skull Bracelets, buy here, Betsey Johnson Skull Earrings, buy here, Pamela Love for J.Crew Chevron Studded Belt (no longer available), buy similar one here, Anthropologie Croc Embossed Journal, buy here


First Image:

I am a sucker for embellishment! I gravitate towards skulls, studs, beaded things and anything rocker glam.  The knuckle ring box was handmade by a friend of my sister-in-law’s, it’s inspired by the Alexander McQueen version (which I dream of, but has a hefty price tag), but this version will suffice for now.  The Topshop scarf was a purchase from the first time I had ever been to a Topshop store and looking back I  remember the chaotic madness in the London flagship location, it was lots of fun. I don’t usually buy belts, but when I do I always choose belts that are unique and I thought this Anthropologie beaded belt was just that. The Jimmy Choo sandals were my first pair of Jimmy Choo’s and a gift from my husband back in 2006, years later I find myself still getting a lot of wear out of them.  The Iphone studded case is a recent gift from my cousin, who didn’t miss the memo that I *heart* studs.The vintage earrings were a gift given to me by a friend who got them in New Orleans.  I remember when she gave them to me, she said “I thought of you when I saw them,” and that is how she likes to get gifts for people, not necessarily looking for a gift for a particular occasion, but getting it  when you stumble across it and knowing that the recipient would love it.  It must be the Southern girl in her, but I totally agree with her method and it just reminded me of this quote, “Presents are made for the pleasure of who gives them, not the merits of who receives them.” I need to remember to give more!


Second Image: 

The Rebecca Minkoff studded wallet has a chain strap, so it also doubles as a cross body or shoulder bag and is very versatile, also works as a clutch for going out.  Cross body bags became my go to bag when I first became a mom because it allowed me to have my hands free while being on the go with two little ones, I also find them convenient for when traveling and sight seeing.  Believe it or not it fits keys, phone, chapstick and lipgloss.  I don’t usually wear sneakers, but had been eyeing the wedge sneaker trend and decided to get a pair, loving the color Royal Blue right now and these sneakers are not only comfortable, but look good with almost everything. The Ray Ban sunglasses are classic, this is my second pair I lost my first pair while shopping and bought a replacement pair the same day, that’s how much I can’t live without them.  I also love animal prints when done right and the Erica Anenberg knuckle ring was a fun purchase.  I don’t have a lot of color in my closet, I tend to stick to neutrals and black, so I got the Melody Ehsani skull bracelets to add some pops of color into my outfits, I am slowly starting to add color and prints into my closet.  Betsey Johnson skull earrings, couldn’t pass them up, what can I say and I figured I can share them with my 7 year old daughter, Caramia.  The Pamela Love for J.Crew belt is a neutral colored belt with some edge, everything needs a little edge!  Even in this modern day and time, I still feel the need and enjoy writing things on paper, as much as I try to use the calendar on my phone, it just doesn’t stick in my head the same way writing it down does, so I like to get cute little journals, like this Anthropologie croc embossed one to jot things down.  There’s also nothing more liberating than checking off all the items on your TO DO LIST!


Fluently Lived,


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