Gaultier Exhibit at the De Young Museum


What we wore: On Stephanie, Miu-Miu studded booties (no longer available), Haute Hippie leopard dress. On Kriselle: Givenchy Shark Tooth Sandals (similar one here), YSL snow leopard purse.

We knew it was the last weekend of the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit and attempted to go on that Saturday and check it out.  When we got to the De Young Museum, there was a line a few blocks long. After waiting in line for a bit, the show sold out for the rest of the day!  We tried a few tactics to get in – 1) buy tickets online with our trusty iphones, but that didn’t work either so attempt, and 2) was to try to sneak in and maybe sweet talk our way in, no luck, but we both got compliments from the usher for having the best shoes of the day!






So, we made sure to get there bright and early that Sunday. We had to arrange childcare again, but we were determined to not miss out on the exhibit. Took a bit of effort to try and go again, but so relieved we were able to catch the exhibit. Upon entering the exhibit, it was clearly evident that Jean Paul Gaultier is a master of his trade, a true artist and visionary.  It was fascinating to get a rare glimpse of the true craftsmanship that goes into haute couture.  We could’ve spent hours admiring as there was so much to see, it was almost overwhelming.  Note to self, next time don’t wait until the last minute to check out an exhibit because if it’s an amazing one, you will probably want to come back and be able to take your time to take it all in. Oh,  and we won for having the best shoes of the day again (different pairs of course).

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